Euco Diamond Hard Review

Euco Diamond Hard

Euco Diamond Hard Review

Euco Diamond Hard

The EUCO Diamond Hard offered by Euclid Chemical is a solid option for a penetrating concrete sealer. Made up of a blend of silicates/siliconates, the Diamond Hard sealer is a powerful option that will penetrate past the small surface pores of the concrete, reacting chemically within the surface of the material to densify and protect the concrete.

Silicate/siliconate blends are the best densifying and waterproofing sealers out there on the market. They combine the strength, durability, densification and hardness of a silicate sealer mixed with the waterproofing siliconate molecules creating the perfect concrete sealer.

Other benefits include:

  • Minimizes tire marks and enables them to be more easily removed.
  • Compatible with bond breakers for tilt-up projects.
  • Can contribute to LEED points
  • Reduces porosity and increases durability of the concrete surface
  • Complies with VOC regulations across North America
  • Resists penetration of oil and liquids

Applications can include:

  • Interior and exterior
  • Warehouse floors
  • Commercial floors
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Distribution centers
  • Polished concrete

If you intend to polish your concrete, using a silicate/siliconate sealer before hand will increase the hardness and polishability of the surface. Euco Diamond Hard silicate/siliconate concrete sealer is the best choice when densifying concrete.