Enviroseal 40 Review

Enviroseal 40

The Enviroseal 40, manufactured by the BASF chemical company, is a clear, water-based silane sealer. Silane sealers are a type of penetrating sealer that features small particles of sealant that penetrate past the surface of the concrete to lock out water and salts. However, silane sealers are not as well as silicates, siliconates, or even silane/siloxanes. In fact, silane sealers are increasingly being relegated to a lower-tier status in favor of silane/siloxanes whose coverage and protection is significantly better.

However, the Enviroseal 40 is one of the best silanes on the market, even with its unavoidable shortcomings. The Enviroseal 40 is an excellent source of protection for chlorides, freeze/thaw cycles, and other such potential threats. Because of this and other characteristics of its chemical formula, the Enviroseal 40 is a preferred sealer for certain environments that need protection from high traffic, whether from machinery or from humans.

The Enviroseal 40 is also a great choice because of its international appeal. As it is manufactured by BASF, you can be assured that it will perform up to the high standard required of that company. Similarly, it is marketed across the world, as facilitated by the resources of a company as large as BASF. In short, while a silane sealer is not the ideal type of concrete sealer, the Enviroseal 40 is the best type of silane sealer on the market, if you’re convinced to go that route.